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Fresh Faces

A little about me and the ethos at FreshFaces.

I am a highly qualified and experienced skin technologist with advanced knowledge and expertise in skin analysis. Skin is my passion; I understand it and love the challenge of correcting skin problems, no matter how complicated or simple.

At your appointment I will analyse your skin and we will discuss the options available to you. We will then create a personalised program for you with consideration to your time restraints and budget.

My ethos is to help the skin heal itself by strengthening its own immune system. I will take absolute care to treat the cause and not just the symptoms which means, in the long term, your results will be longer lasting and more effective.

My clinic is filled with top-of-the range equipment and results driven treatments and facials that will satisfy all skin types, concerns and ages. I carefully tailor my treatments according to what your skin needs on the day. I will readvise you at every appointment and sometimes it will be necessary to reassess your home-care regime.