FreshFaces - the first clinic in
the UK to have the new:

Dermapen is a revolutionary new method of performing Collagen Stimulation Therapy. It works on exactly the same principal as the rollers. It is a hand held, electric instrument which will pierce the skin approximately 200 times per second.

Due to the small size of the head it is far more accurate on small or awkward areas such as the nose and the sensitive eye area.

No pressure is applied to the area being worked on, therefore it is much more comfortable on the throat and nose.

The speed of the vibrating needles is so fast that it is not at all painful especially around sensitive areas.

The Dermapen has just arrived in the United Kingdom and FreshFaces is thrilled to be the first and only clinic to offer it.

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Collagen Stimulation Therapy

Collagen Stimulation Therapy (Micro Needling)

Collagen Stimulation Therapy (CST) is a cutting edge treatment that harnesses your body’s natural powers of heeling to tighten skin and achieve incredible results.

The body responds to CST in the same way it would react to an injury. The small amounts of bleeding caused during the treatment releases powerful growth factors which are part of the natural healing process, resulting in increase collagen and elastin production.

Pioneering South African plastic surgeon and founder of Environ skincare Dr Des Fernandes developed the process of pricking the skin with multiple tiny needles to stimulate collagen production without causing any damage to the epidermis. This treatment creates dramatic results and is available at FreshFaces.

Unlike deep peeling treatments this treatment does not work by damaging the skin to force new collagen tissue. It is also the first treatment that has been shown to create fresh elastin in additional to collagen.

CST enables me to provide effective, minimally evasive anti-ageing treatments without the use of sedation.

The rejuvenating treatment is designed to be used on all parts of the face and body to improve the appearance of wrinkles, shallow acne scarring, lax skin, jaw line contours, enlarged pores, dilated blood vessels (thread veins) and stretch marks, and evens the skin tone to create a flawless and more youthful appearance.

CST is a simple process and induces a natural process of skin rejuvenation. The tool, which incorporates multiple ultra – fine surgical steel needles, is rolled repeatedly in different directions across the treatment area which breach the dermis. These temporary punctures stimulate the skin’s natural healing response. This induces numerous growth factors and healing mechanisms to produce new collagen and elastin in the subsequent days, weeks and months without any damage to the epidermis.

The treatment is easily performed with topical anaesthetic cream and there is virtually no downtime. Clients can return to work the day after treatment with no outward signs other than flushed skin, similar to the appearance of mild sunburn. The redness can be covered with mineral makeup. The effects of the procedure are enhanced by preparing the skin with Environ’s vitamin A and C topical products prior to the treatment course – and continuing thereafter, to further promote healthy growing factors, collagen and elastin.

For best results, a series of three to six CST treatments should be done at intervals between one week and one month.

Reduces or removes the following: