How acne develops

1. shows a normal hair and healthy sebaceous gland.

2. Shows sebum not being excreted due to a build of dead cells, which trap the sebum, not allowing the healthy excretion of the sebum to lubricate the skin.

3. shows the buildup of P.Acnes in the sebaceous gland causing infection and inflammation.

4. Shows damage to the hair follicle, thus producing the undesired spot/pimple.

5. the Ellipse IPL will eradicate the bacteria on contact, and reduce the blood supply to the sebaceous gland, which slows down production of sebum.

Acne Treatments

What causes Acne, and how does the Ellipse IPL work?

Acne is multifaceted and the cause can be a single reason or a combination of the following most common causes;-

A normal hair and sebaceous gland can become blocked. Bacteria called P.Acnes live on the sebum and produce fatty acids. An infection sets in and causes the inflammation i.e. a spot!

The acne treatment with the Ellipse Intense Pulse Light is very effective for any acne but especially beneficial for stubborn permanent or long term acne. The light from the flash-lamp heats up the hemoglobin in the blood vessels that supply oxygen to the sebaceous glands. This causes a minor injury to the sebaceous glands which slows down production of sebum. The light eradicates bacteria immediately.

A special cream will need to be applied every evening to reduce the inflammation and will have to be applied 3 weeks before the treatment commences and throughout the treatment.

A typical course includes approximately 3-4 treatments at 3 week intervals. This is an excellent acne treatment that should last approximately 3-4 years when a top-up may be required. As an extra bonus the light will also remove red or brown blemishes from previous acne scarring, this stimulates collagen by 92%, which will tighten pock marks.

More individual advice will be given at your consultation when I can discuss other options with you.

The Elipse IPL System