Focus Frown

Reduces Frown Lines

Today's stress is enough to make anyone frown – but this can only result in premature frown lines on the forehead and around the eye area. The highly effective Frown Treatment targets the same complexes as injectables without the associated “frozen” look. Frown lines become lighter, muscle tension reduces in the forehead area and deep lines become less prominent. Skin is healthier and more elastic resulting in younger, smoother looking skin. A noticeable improvement will show a few hours after treatment. This treatment is performed on the forehead and under the eyes with low frequency sonophoresis.

Treatment time – 30 minutes

The Frown Serum can be applied at home; results will be noticeable within three weeks. However, even quicker results can be achieved if used in conjunction with home micro-needling tools Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT or the new Environ Cosmetic Focus-CIT, both designed to enhance penetration.