At Fresh Faces we stock the very latest in skin products to suppliment our treatments. Please select one of our ranges on the left for more information.


The era of modern skin care started in the 1950’s when scientists realised that wrinkled skin could be minimised by using topical retinyl palmitate (vitamin A). The word was termed “Cosmeceutics” which means that both pharmaceutical and medical science has been used in formulating Environ.

Environ draws on cutting-edge technology, combined with proven botanicals and scientific principles to create a skincare range that is results driven. The products have been formulated to combat and relieve the harmful effects of the harsh climatic changes, specifically pollution, free radical damage and the ever increasing ultra-violet rays of the sun. The cornerstone of Environ treatments is vitamin A based, which has been proven in extensive medical trials to have a corrective effect on the skin. Importantly, it helps to normalize sebaceous activity but also promotes the production of collagen and elastin, hydrates the cells and leads to a healthy skin. It is paramount for the skin to be healthy before one can expect to have a beautiful, radiant and younger looking skin.

Environ is a progressive skin-care range, where the product strength is scaled up over time to build the benefits required.

Please note: Environ do not authorise the sale of Environ products online due to the high concentration of active ingredients in some products. The strength of the vitamins may be lost if the climatic conditions are not at the correct temperature during carriage. This will impinge on your results! A personalised consultation is advised before you purchase the products.


Dermalogica is a very innovative product house. The products are free of artificial preservatives, colorants, fragrances or fillers. It has an extensive range for all skin types, ages satisfying both mens and ladies needs. It also has a wonderful body range. The shampoo and conditioner are especially good for people who have spots or a rash around the hairline from allergies to ingredients in their hair products.

The cleansers are fabulous and are in pump bottles for easy use in the shower. The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant has won many awards and is a great mild exfoliant for all skin types from the most sensitive skins to inflamed acne skins.

At FreshFaces I offer all of the Dermalogica facials and peels.


Lumos is a new and innovative range of pure anti-ageing serums. It contains no solvents, no stabilisers, and no preservatives.

100% active ingredients...and nothing else!

All the additives have been left out and only the only the top quality, scientifically advanced ingredients are included.

Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up

The most beautiful make-up you can wear is a healthy skin!

Jane Iredale make-up is a pure mineral make-up which is a true extension of skincare. It is free of fillers i.e. talc, synthetic oils, artificial fragrance and preservatives. It is made up of the highest quality minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Due to it not containing the 80% talc that most make-up contains it has a lot of pigment in it, therefore, very little make-up is needed for a good coverage. Minerals allow the skin to breathe and function normally. They are non-irritating, feel weightless and last longer than traditional make-up.

This make-up is so good for the skin you can sleep with it on! Highly recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.


Dermapen is a revolutionary new method of performing Collagen Stimulation Therapy. It works on exactly the same principal as the rollers. It is a hand held, electric instrument which will pierce the skin approximately 200 times per second.

Due to the small size of the head it is far more accurate on small or awkward areas such as the nose and the sensitive eye area. No pressure is applied to the area being worked on, therefore it is much more comfortable on the throat and nose. The speed of the vibrating needles is so fast that it is not at all painful especially around sensitive areas.

The Dermapen has just arrived in the United Kingdom and FreshFaces is thrilled to be the first and only clinic to offer it.

Nutritional Supplements

The Advanced Nutritional Programme was formulated by renowned nutrition expert Patrick Holford. Diet and supplementation plays a major role in creating healthy skin, hair and nails. I offer a holistic approach which enhances the effects of a good skincare routine from the inside as well as helping to promote radiant health and vitality.